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Discharging Debt in Hattiesburg, MS

There are many different types of debt. Declaring bankruptcy allows you to discharge some of them, but not all. Call the Law Office of Chelsea Bair Minton to find out more about discharging debt in Hattiesburg, MS, by filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We help clients with everything from foreclosures to consumer credit repair.


If the garnishment is for a judgment lien due to unpaid consumer debt, the filing of bankruptcy can help stop or end the garnishments and relieve the underlined debt. Filing of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 will immediately create an automatic stay, which stops the garnishment. It will not end a garnishment for spousal support or child support.


If your house is in foreclosure but has not been sold, bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure process, and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you get caught up on missed payments. Upon the filing of bankruptcy, an automatic stay is created, which will stop foreclosure proceedings.


Upon filing for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is created that stops repossession as long as the item to be repossessed has not already been sold. Filing Chapter 13 can help you get your car out of repossession and get it back from whomever repossessed it, as long as it has not been sold, and will allow you to catch up on any delinquent payments over the life of the Chapter 13 plan. If your creditor is trying to make you pay the decision fee between what your vehicle sold for at auction and the amount you owed, filing of Chapter 7 or 13 will allow you to discharge that amount as an unsecured debt. If the car has been sold and purchased after repossession, there is nothing that can be done to get the car back.

Tax Debts

Most tax debts are not dischargeable; however, if the tax debt is for federal income tax, was filed in a timely manner, and is greater than three years old, it may be dischargeable. Contact us for more details.