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Chelsea Minton, Your Bankruptcy Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS

As you work to rebuild your finances following difficult times, it’s important to remember that you do not have to travel this path without support. At the Law Office of Chelsea Bair Minton, you can get the assistance and guidance you require to get back on your feet financially.


Chelsea is an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Hattiesburg, MS, who grew up in Ontario, Oregon as the daughter of hard-working blue-collar parents. Her upbringing instilled the virtue of dedication and effort. She also saw the challenges faced by workers who struggled to make ends meet.

She earned a Business Administration degree at the University of Southern Mississippi and then used her education to help with managing several restaurants and offices in the region.

Assisting others has always motivated Chelsea, and she followed that drive to study at Appalachian School of Law, where she graduated in 2013. Her goal was to help individuals file for bankruptcy and get their financial situations under control. She assists clients to start on new paths toward financial independence by discharging debts.

Chelsea lives in Hattiesburg with her husband, James, and their daughter, Lorelai. She is a fan of Hub City and USM. Contact her firm to consult with Chelsea on legal services.

Chelsea Bair Minton