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Life can throw you a curveball sometimes with little or no warning, and you find yourself staring at mounting debt with no readily apparent way out. Take heart because things are never as bleak as they seem. There is a solution to any debt crisis, and at the Law Office of Chelsea Bair Minton, we help you find it. Our law office in Hattiesburg, MS is the place to start getting your finances in order and your life back on track.

Providing a Helping Hand

People from all walks of life benefit from our services. We treat each of our clients with the highest level of respect and courtesy as we know that debt troubles can befall anyone. It is just a fact of life that many people have to face, and there is no need for embarrassment or shame.

Don’t feel overwhelmed or that you will never be able to catch up. With our help, you can minimize your debt load, stop the repossession of your property, and take care of any further steps that your situation may require. We have years of experience as a bankruptcy lawyer and know the most effective routes to helping you resolve the financial difficulties you have encountered. Together we will find real solutions that work for you.

Keeping You in Your Home

There are many impacts which often follow in the wake of financial difficulties or debt problems. They can run from minor ones up to home foreclosure. If you find yourself at that point, call on our office for assistance. If your house has not been sold yet, filing for bankruptcy will put an automatic stay on foreclosure proceedings and allow you to work toward a solution.

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Chelsea Minton is an attorney based in Hattiesburg, MS, who offers a range of legal services to clients throughout South Mississippi. Her goal upon founding the Law Office of Chelsea Bair Minton was to help individuals and families who are struggling with debt.

She is dedicated to her clients and loves showing them how they can become debt-free. One of her passions is removing the stigma from bankruptcy and helping clients realize that it is a valid and legal option that leads to a fresh start.

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Contact us to learn more about how we can help you deal with debt and financial difficulties. We proudly serve clients in Hattiesburg, MS, and all of Southern Mississippi. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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